You don’t buy insurance products for the sake of buying, it should be with a purpose , objective behind your decisions.

You don’t buy insurance products for the sake of buying, it should be with a purpose , objective behind your decisions.

Know Your Life Priorities


Income Protection

All our future plans depend on our income. Wouldn’t it be wise to guarantee that it will always be there?

Family Security

This plan guarantees  that food, clothing, education, household bills and other basic necessities are stil being paid should the breadwinner passes away.

Healthcare Planning

This plan will provide you with the funds to ensure proper medical care and treatment upon diagnosis of an illness.

Mortgage /Debts Cancellation

This plan will guarantee that your home will always be there for your family.

Investments & Savings

Investments & Savings

This plan provides a systematic and organised way to increase personal wealth with reduced risk.


Children Education

The greatest gift parents can provide for their children is an education


Retirement Lifestyle

Wouldn’t it be good to retire comfortably and not worry about money.


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Great Cash Wonder – Relaunched for a limited offer period. (1st March – 31st March 2012)

Great Eastern’s latest plan, tagged  `Short on commitment, big on rewards’’ Available until 31st March 2012 or until 30M fully subscribed.

 In brief….  

 5 years or 10 years premium only . 

  • Received 2 Bonuses – Survival Bonus and Cash Bonus
  • Guaranteed Income  ( Survival Bonus) from the end of first year anniversary date (5% for  the first 5 years then after 6 % til maturity from the Basic Sum Assured).
  • Performance bonus (Cash Bonus) from end of first year.
  • Term 20  or 25 years.
  • Additional 50% sum assured from year 6 at no extra cost.

Short on commitment, big on rewardsNow you can enjoy the substantial savings growth you seek to achieve your high expectations in life. Great Cash Wonder is an endowment plan specially designed for movers and shakers who want to see their savings swell in the long term without the commitment of a prolonged premium payment term.
Extra Income for every yearFrom the end of the very first policy year, the plan pays you an annual guaranteed survival benefit in addition to the basic sum assured. Best of all, you can receive up to 145% of the basic sum assured depending on the policy term chosen. The survival benefit rates are as follows:

Policy Year

Survival Benefit (as percentage of basic sum assured)

20 years

25 years

  1 – 5



  6 – Maturity






Cash Bonus
Great Cash Wonder also offers a further avenue to grow savings with a yearly non-guaranteed cash bonus from the end of the first policy year.

Short on commitment, long-term savings
With Great Cash Wonder, you only pay premiums for a short period and see your money accumulate well to fulfil your needs in life. Pick and choose your own policy term which best assists you to enhance your financial security.

Policy Year

Premium Payment Term

5 years

10 years

20 years

25 years

Up to 150% basic sum assured for more financial security 
From the second policy year onwards, your sum assured will grow with Great Cash Wonder as shown in the table below, up to 150% at no extra cost.

Policy Year

Additional sum assured (% of basic sum assured)











6 until maturity


Others benefits include:

  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Maturity Benefit
  • Tax Benefit
Note: Terms and conditions apply.

A quick guide to endowment plans.

Endowment plan? What’s that?

An endowment plan provides life insurance coverage over a specified period of time, for instance, 20 years. At the end of this period, the policy matures and you’ll receive a lump sum payment in addition to any other bonuses or guaranteed additions due to you. You can also cash it in at any time and receive a surrender value depending on how much you’ve invested in the plan.

Who should get an endowment plan?

Anyone who wants insurance coverage and a savings plan. Many people purchase endowment plans that mature when they reach retirement age to supplement their income.

What types of endowment  plans are there?

There are various types of endowment plans that you can choose from to suit your budget and needs. Broadly  speaking, here are a few common ones in the market:

Endowment Plan With Survival Benefits

These plans usually offer a survival benefit in the form of guaranteed cash payments over the policy term. These payments are usually equivalent to a percentage of the basic sum assured of the policy, and paid out at regular intervals (eg. annually). On top of that, you may also receive cash bonuses if the Company performs well. The basic sum assured is paid out upon maturity of the policy.

Normal Endowment Plan

These plans are similar to endowment plans with survival benefits, without the guaranteed cash payment feature. As such, they are suitable for those looking for a more affordable plan that offers both protection and savings.

Investment-Linked Endowment Plan

Premiums are invested in unit funds, and the total investment value of the policy depends on the current value of the units in the policy. Typically, the total investment value is paid out when the policy matures.


Why should I get an endowment plan instead of regular insurance?

Regular insurance plans focus on protecting you against life’s unexpected events, while endowment plans are meant to provide basic insurance coverage combined with a savings element. Endowment plans are best for those who want a form of regular savings with the potential for higher returns than conventional savings


How does an endowment plan boost my savings?

For one, endowment plans are long-term savings plans that act as a form of “forced savings” because a fixed amount is paid for premiums on a regular basis. This ensures that money is saved instead of spent on other things. Plus, additional bonuses that come with endowment plans may help increase the maturity benefit, leading to a bigger payout at the end of the policy term



We get it. With so many types of insurance plans available in the market,  deciding on a plan that  best suits your needs can be a little overwhelming  at times. But don’t worry; here is how you can go about  it – with a little help from our Advisor.

Q . I am new to the whole idea of having an insurance plan. Where do I start?

A. Our trained advisors will guide  you through a Customer Fact Finding  (CFF) and Financial Needs Analysis  (FNA) process, which will help you get a much clearer picture of the insurance plan that you need!

Q. How does the Customer  Fact Finding (CFF) and Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) work?

A. In the full CFF process, you will be providing your  Advisor with essential financial information  that  will help determine your current financial health.  Do you have an existing insurance plan? And what are your financial goals in life?

Your Advisor will also assess your priorities – whether protection is required for life  medical  education or retirement needs.  In addition,  in whichever areas of the FNA, you will then  agree on a set of applicable variables for computation purposes,  such as inflation, interest and duration.

Q. I know what I want,  but how can I know which plan offers the coverage that  I need?

A. While we offer a wide choice of plans, we also understand that each customer is unique! Our Advisors are trained in fundamental areas such as income protection, family security, healthcare planning, education planning, retirement planning and even basic investment planning. They will be able to advise you on the precise form and extent of coverage that you require.

For instance, if it’s an investment-linked insurance plan that adapts to your lifestyle that you are looking for – SmartProtect Essential Insurance 2 could be just the plan for you! It provides you with comprehensive and affordable insurance, starting with only RM100 per month

Q. I would like to upgrade an existing insurance plan. How can I improve my insurance protection?

A. You may enhance your insurance protection by attaching riders to your existing insurance plan. There are various types of insurance riders available to better enhance your protection. Your Great Eastern Life Planning  Advisor will be able to recommend you the riders that will best reflect your needs.

For example, do you already possess a regular premium investment-linked insurance plan from Great Eastern? Are you looking for coverage against Critical Illness? Smart Early Payout CriticalC may then be a top recommendation. It’s Malaysia’s first plan that pays you during the early stages of critical illness, functioning as a monetary buffer to help you support your financial commitments while you recover in peace.

At Great Eastern, we make it a priority to ensure that each and every one of our customers has the right insurance solution for his or her needs.  We are dedicated to finding the right policy for you, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands